Born in South Africa in 1989, I acquired my Baccalaureus degree as Industrial Designer at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape town, 2013. Thereafter I travelled through various countries in Africa from 2014 -2016 while working as a tour guide. I became incredibly intrigued with indigenous cultures, anthropology and psychology due to the continuous stimulus regarding these subjects. The only manner in which I found true refuge when learning to understand what I was experiencing during this period of my life was photography, mainly digital. I acquired a CANON 400D and some of my work can be seen in the blog posts featured on this website or at No.8 Spin Street House, Cape town.

The time spent travelling allowed for me as an individual to assess what I wished to pursue furthering my creative ventures and after putting an end to my African travels (momentarily) I started my exploration by hosting a photographic exhibition at No.8 Spin Street House regarding the Kalahari San or Bushmen. This exhibition explored some of the harsh truths surrounding the original inhabitants of Southern Africa. Mainly focussing on the Kalahari Bushmen in Botswana. Each image taken was likened to an archetype identified by Carl Jung. I designed this exhibition in such a manner to not only report on the (then) current developments, but to also urge observers to rather look within due to this truly being (in my mind) the only place where change can manifest.

After having completed the opening of the Kalahari Bushmen exhibition,  I spontaneously decided to enrol at the TAKT Art Residency in Friedrichshain, Berlin. (January – March 2017).

During my time spent in Berlin I was able to explore the art world, but more so my place within it all.

I started exploring with collage art from images collected and photographs taken during my time in both Africa and Berlin. This was a manner in which I could document this personal transition when faced with rather tumultuous and rapidly changing circumstances. Looking back, I was merely starting my experimentation.

I was privileged enough to meet people who shook any of the foundations I thought to be solid. I discovered film photography (Olympus Om77) and various other means of expression, uninhibited by the skills I had already been educated in. This allowed me to escape my analytical nature and find an alternate sense of freedom.

After the art residency, I returned to South Africa and continued both art and design work featured on this website.

It is only recently (since October 2017) that I have started publishing paintings, with my first series titled; “Where are we?” and continual updates follow as I experiment in preparation for an exhibition to be held mid next year in Berlin, in collaboration with Thomas Ghazi and Chris Bartlett. Mixed media/collage work, paintings and sculptural designs will be our focus, but more on that closer to the time.

I recently returned to Neukölln, Berlin early in the year 2018. Updates on small pop-up exhibitions and design projects have been included.


This website serves as a platform to easily access my mind or rather the suspended representations thereof. There is no chronological order applied to my posts, nor are they of any relevance to anyone.

At most, they provoke some sort of reaction for further contemplation or serve as a sense of camaraderie when in need. Best case scenario, these personal observations exist in the hope to assign an alternate sense to metaphysical meanderings.

None other discribes it better than the following icons of mine;

“There are things known 
and there are things unknown
and in between are the doors.”

– Jim Morrison, Letters from Joe-

“From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back.”

-Franz Kafka, The Trial


Photo by Thomas Ghazi